1. a risky or daring journey or undertaking.
    “pioneering ventures into little-known waters”


Human Made—Global agency building big WordPress for Enterprise.

Altis—Next-generation enterprise WordPress hosting.

WordPress—Democratising publishing with 1000’s of friends.

Scale Consortium—Work together to grow WordPress in enterprise.

📖 Distributed Agency Handbook—How to run a globally distributed agency with a great culture.

🏡 Kerguerrien—Family moving to France and renovating an 18th-c butter farm.


Happytables [Closed]—Restaurant analytics reimagined.

Feeling Restful—Learn about the WordPress REST API from the team building it. Events in the Peak District, London, and Boston.

Nomadbase [Closed]—Find remote workers and digital nomads in the city you are in.

Market Realist—Democratising investment management.

United Influencers—Influencer blogging across Europe.

RUFFLR [Closed]—Your online wardrobe.

BackUpWordPress [Sold]—Simple automated backups of your WordPress-powered website.

WP Remote [Sold]—Centralised WordPress site monitoring and maintenance.

WordCamp Europe & London—Large-scale WordPress community conferences in Europe.