Author: Tom

The Long Peace

By Tom on February 5, 2024 — 1 min read

Speaking of great Youtube documentaries from (nearly) a decade ago, the algorithm recently resurfaced “The Fallen of World War II” to me and so I re-watched it. It’s such a masterclass in using data visualisation to tell a powerful story, the audio is so well done too. It’s one of the most powerful pieces of…

Nor Dog

By Tom on January 23, 2024 — 1 min read

Noel, who founded Human Made with Joe and I back in 2010, is currently on a mini-sabbatical because he is in Ukraine helping lead Nor Dog, a charity which “exists to evacuate, feed, rehome and rehabilitate animals caught in the crossfire of war in Ukraine”. It’s been quite incredible getting a inside view of what’s…

Open Source Code is a Remix

By Tom on January 22, 2024 — 1 min read

I recently re-watched Kirby Ferguson‘s excellent Everything is a Remix which, 10 years after it’s original release, he has significantly updated and re-released. If you haven’t watched I really recommend it, it really is delightful and though-provoking watch. The central theory Kirby presents is that all art is created by remixing other work. This got…

Keep your apps up to date with MacUpdater

By Tom on January 10, 2024 — 1 min read

I love updates, I like to run the latest versions of everything I can and will often run beta versions if they’re available. I typically update to the latest Apple OS betas right after WWDC. New stuff is fun! There’ve been a few useful tools over the years that help you keep everything up-to-date, I…

3 Wishes for Enterprise WordPress in 2023

By Tom on March 3, 2023 — 2 mins read

3 wishes for Enterprise WordPress in 2023. From messaging to community engagement and integrations, find out how to elevate your enterprise WordPress experience.