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By Tom on January 23, 2024 — 1 min read

Noel, who founded Human Made with Joe and I back in 2010, is currently on a mini-sabbatical because he is in Ukraine helping lead Nor Dog, a charity which “exists to evacuate, feed, rehome and rehabilitate animals caught in the crossfire of war in Ukraine”.

It’s been quite incredible getting a inside view of what’s happening in Ukraine and of the work Noel is doing through the video calls and chats we’re doing weekly.

Noel recently launched the Nor Dog website (WordPress of course) which details the work they’re doing and the impact they’re having. In the short time they’ve been there they’re making a real difference to the animals caught up in this terrible war.

Stats from the Nor Dog website

If you are able to then please consider donating to the cause, as they say on the site:

Our funds are not sent to other charities, we are not a middle-man entity or “marketing charity”.

We produce our own dog food in a factory here in Kharkiv, and distribute it ourselves to communities at risk. We also evacuate, shelter and proactively work to re-home abandoned animals — and with great success so far.

There is however, still a lot of work ahead of us.

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