Human Made: Summer Update

By Tom on August 29, 2022 — 1 min read

This originally started as a Tweet, but then I remembered blogging is back!

We’ve had a busy summer at Human Made and I’ve had some time off so haven’t been sharing.

Some highlights:

We soft-launched a new website for Human Made along with an overdue refresh of our brand colours. So far I really like the brighter and more playful (dare I say human!) feel. It was also really nice to get to work with long-time partners Furthermore on the project and to be our own client for again 😬.

One of our big goals this year is to level up our marketing; we’ve long been better at doing great work than telling great stories about it. We had a lot of fun getting creative at our recent company retreat in Greece and the investments we’ve been making are starting to show up:

The goal is to do much more talking about WordPress for Enterprise and SMB+ and hopefully encourage others to do more of it too. It feels like agencies have been fairly quite in the WordPress community over the past few years and I’d love to see more collaboration, participation, and ultimately contribution. (Hat tip to XWP who have been putting some great stuff out too).

Altis is growing and transforming too and our marketing and positioning work is bearing fruit with the recent introduction of the Altis Cloud , focused much more on WordPress hosting at scale for SMB+/Enterprise.

Ryan & Joe shared their perspectives on our new Cloud product positioning on Twitter:

We also shipped Altis 12 which brings several developer experience focused features including a super slick built-in support for GitHub Codespaces, a Cloud-based development environment, that makes it possible to spin up a complete development environment in seconds within your browser, with a full editor based on Visual Studio Code, without having to install anything on your local machine. More info on that.

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