Keep your apps up to date with MacUpdater

By Tom on January 10, 2024 — 1 min read

I love updates, I like to run the latest versions of everything I can and will often run beta versions if they’re available. I typically update to the latest Apple OS betas right after WWDC. New stuff is fun!

There’ve been a few useful tools over the years that help you keep everything up-to-date, I think I first scratched this itch with CNET TechTracker (although I thought I remembered it being called CNET Updater or CNET Downloader or something, maybe that was an earlier version…). After I moved to Mac I used Appfresh which was great! Alas it eventually stopped working.

Last year I discovered MacUpdater, which finds available updates for all the apps on your Mac. I tend to run it first thing each morning and if I’m ever away from my desk for a few days then I get a small joy updating everything when I get back.

Update CNET Update Checker was likely the earlier version I’m remembering, good times.

h/t to Matt for a prompt to write a post, Happy Birthday 🙏!

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