Leading From Afar podcast

I recently chatted to Scott Markovits on the Leading From Afar podcast about trust in remote teams.

The Open Source Economist Podcast

I recently spoke to Christie Chirinos for an episode of her excellent podcast, The Open Source Economist. We talked about open source in the context of platforms, based on our own learnings building the Digital Experience Platform, Altis.

DistantJob Podcast

I recently spoke to Luis on the DistantJob podcast where I talked about Human Made’s distributed company culture.

Slack for families

We’ve recently been experimenting with using Slack at home. It’s been pretty great so I thought I’d share our setup in the hope that I might find others doing similar things. If you are, I’d love to hear about it! So I recently setup a Slack team for our family, it’s called “The Willmots”. So…